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The beginning of our business journey starts with a brand named SNEAKERMASK which nowadays is recognised globally because of its edgy, weird and unconventional designs.

A few years ago, in 2017, everything had started as an idea born in the mind of a sneakerhead who loved his sneakers so badly that he couldn’t throw them away even though they were completely worn out. He came up with an idea to give them a new life, a second chance to impress, so he transformed them into a unique face mask. Something dirty, dusty and worn out has been up-cycled and transformed into a fashionable piece - clean, re-purposed and admire-worthy.

Even though the brand SNEAKERMASK started with making only masks, over the time a creative designer behind the brand came up with new ideas of up-cycling other sportswear into new, wearable and interesting items such as armour, hoods, gloves, jockstraps, socks etc.

Today, after more than 500 masks sold worldwide and dozens of other unique pieces exclusively made for special clients SneakerMask is more than just an idea. It is the brand which makes fusion of fashion and fetish, streetwear and sportswear, uniformness and uniqueness.

After collaborating with well-known big companies such as Nike, Footlocker and Asics, SneakerMask has established a reputation of professional, responsible and trustworthy brand.

Next logical step for us was to establish a premium streetwear brand on which we started working during 2020. The idea behind our streetwear embodies the roughness from Eastern Europe, with an easygoing vibe from South of Europe and dark, edgy appeal from Western Europe. Those characteristics perfectly collide in aesthetic of our SNEAXON brand.

A sneakerhead from the beginning of this story, creator of the concept and the designer of all the masks is also a model who poses behind the masks. As he likes to say “Privacy is the new luxury“ therefore he enjoys being out there but still staying under the radar.

That is why SNEAXON and SNEAKERMASK brands believe that you cannot become different if you wear any piece of garment on yourself, but you can only STAY DIFFERENT because of what you already are on the inside. Even though you hide your face behind the mask, you can never hide your uniqueness.



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