Maintenance Instructions

All our masks are made from original sneakers and genuine brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Lacoste, Puma, etc.
It’s our promise and pleasure to use top quality materials for all the creative visions and designs we have.

Every mask is made with patience, huge dedication, and attention to details. However, since every piece is unique, up-cycled and custom made it is necessary to take special care of it once it’s in your possession.

Our advice/recommendations:

1. Do not pull the mask off your head. It is recommendable to use the elastic strips/laces in the back to loosen up the mask before you put it on and before you take it off.
2. Do not wash it in the washing machine or under the tap. We recommend to wipe it with a wet napkin or a towel if necessary. Do not wear it outside if it’s raining or under the shower. Do not use it during water sports sessions.
3. Do not put heavy objects on it while you’re not wearing it. Be careful how you pack it in your wardrobe or suitcase when you’re traveling. Do not press it, fold it or squeeze it.
4. Do not let other curious people touch it aggressively without your permission while you wear it.
5. Be aware that the mask is handmade by a designer, not by a machine, so always have on your mind that it needs special treatment and care. Since it has been made from deconstructed sneakers it is crucial to know that it’s not like other mass-produced masks, and it needs extra care.
How to hand wash underwear/balaclavas:
1. Get a detergent specifically made for hand-washing and place your item in the sink.
2. Soak your underwear/balaclava in a clean washing bowl or sink.
3. Apply the soap with cold or lukewarm water.
4. Allow to soak completely and ensure proper circulation of water and detergent but never allow to stay too long in the water.
5. Avoid rubbing underwear/balaclava while in water. Rather, repeatedly push deep into the water and allow it to float up.
6. When convinced that the item being washed is clean, remove and rinse gently with clean water.