“Proud, on what?”

People often wonder what we, as LGBTQ+ individuals, should be proud of... the only feeling opposite of "being proud" is feeling ashamed. So, since there is nothing to be ashamed of in being LGBTQ+, I will list some of the reasons why we should all take pride in ourselves!

Proud to still stand strong despite facing blatant, raging homophobia.

Proud of what I've become and achieved against all odds.

Proud of the courage to align with my own authenticity.

Proud to never give up on myself, even when many others did.

Proud of my resilience, perseverance, and fearlessness.

Proud of all the ancestors who paved the path for us to boldly walk today, even though they couldn't.

Proud of all the young ones when I see them being defiant and unapologetic, more than I ever could be when I was their age.

Proud of the audacity to not follow the rules, to not fit the mold, to not obey the norms, and STILL find happiness.


Credit: Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times



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